Unearthing the extraordinary journey of Planettoon® and his friends showcasing the “power of caring” – uncovering a hero in you!

Launching Planettoon® ‘s World @ Licensing Expo 2024

Come visit us as we debut Planettoon®’s World!


Who is Planettoon® and who are his friends?

Planettoon® and his friends enthusiastically adventure all over the world. Together with other children, they visit and explore the treasures of our ecosystem and the wonders of our planet.

Planettoon®’s World ignites children’s natural curiosity and encourages them to embrace compassion. It also playfully instructs them how to protect the flora and fauna of the world.

Planettoon® and his friends are a mini-ecosystem of their own, consisting of twenty-one characters, each with its individual, yet collective message.

Characters like Glysed teach the importance of conserving water, while Cody teaches the value of recycling, and Arimoon the urgency of saving endangered species. ON THE OTHER HAND, Dioxicarb, the villain, emphasizes why polluting is a real problem.

Through entertainment, children learn that “Caring is powerful™” and that they all have the greatest power within them to be mindful, brave, bold and big little leaders. It all starts in a small, simple way, day after day; and when they do – something really magical happens!