Unearthing the extraordinary journey of Planettoon® and his friends showcasing the “power of caring” – uncovering a hero in you!

Unearthing the extraordinary journey of Planettoon® and his friends showcasing the “power of caring” – uncovering a hero in you!

Seeing is believing

And meet the team

The Little Boy


The only human in Planettoon®’s World, Gabo and his supersonic skateboard spring into action at super-fast speeds, sometimes becoming airborne! Always available for his superhero friends, he puts on his cape and jumps right in.

The Living Moon


When trouble lurks, Arimoon is the first to alert you to danger. Quicker than the speed of light, she circles into action, transforming into the moon. Not only can she pin-point the emergency but she’s able to gather useful information to report back to the team, just in the nick of time!

The First Planet Child


He’s your best friend and means the ‘world’ to you! He’s here to share his knowledge about the planet and the animals inhabiting it. He invites everyone to join him on an exciting ecological adventure together to save the world!

Your Best School Friend


Her bright sparkling eyes and infectious smile are the result of her love for fresh fruit and vegetables. Isabella never forgets to take her vitamins and is a big fan of staying active too. This gives her the strength to reveal her super ninja-like powers when her friends call on her for help!

Planettoon®'s Dad

Mr. Sun

The happy sunny rays of Mr. Sun bring natural light and power. This cheerful character brings children together to take care of our ecosystem and our beloved planet Earth. He’ll always be there to ‘shed some light’ on the world around us and cheer you on. Hip, hip, hip, hooray!

Mother Nature, Planettoon®'s Mom

Mother Nature

The delicate flower of life, Mother Nature teaches us to be kind and considerate to everyone. Symbolically, she lives in a glass house and flourishes when Planettoon® and his team are victorious but diminishes and weakens when the world is in chaos.

The Wise Willow Tree

Mr. Willow

With age comes wisdom and the wise Mr. Willow teaches all the Planettoonies™ about the importance of climate change. He’s a mentor and friend, and if you look after him carefully, he’ll be around to help many children for generations to come.

The Little French Lady!

Miss Oda

Say ‘Bonjour!’ to Miss Oda, a watering can on a mission to spread love by hydrating every living plant she encounters. Naturally, her garden is full of amazing species. But watch out for her magical spout.

The Pick!


A pick’s gotta do what a pick’s gotta do – and that’s planting! In the happy world of Luis, repopulating the world with plants is what he was put on this planet to do. Seed by seed, tree by tree he’s here to right the wrongs and bring clean air back into the world. Everyone can learn from Luis.

The Praying Mantis


Monique, a fashionsavvy praying mantis, will never ‘bug’ you. On the contrary, she’s full of charm and sophistication with her suave British accent and complicated words that dazzle. With her thirst for news, she’s the local reporter everybody loves, bringing the latest updates with her regular bulletins.

Your Recycling Friends

Ginny & Yuyi

You can always find them in the kitchen, at parties, or picnics – at any time of day! Ginny and Yuyi are the best of recycling friends. They teach kids how to recycle by separating glass, cans and paper waste at home or at school. In their world, nothing goes to waste.

The Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Alex, Leo & Pepe

What’s better than one bright spark? How about three? These three amigos are such fun they can light up a room! The best of friends, they’re sure to bring a ‘mega-watt’ smile to your day, They’re in every home, workplace and building, shining bright as a reminder to use them wisely – not excessively – to preserve energy.

The Recycling Symbol


Wave hello to Cody as he passes by in his recycling truck. Together with Ginny & Yuyi, he’s here to make the world a greener, better place by showing kids how to recycle different materials instead of throwing them away.

The Trash Can


Johnny is a magnet for garbage, constantly cleaning up homes and neighborhoods at his own expense. His primary task involves removing the trash that humans have littered the world with. As he does so, he steadily grows in size until he transforms into a colossal magnetic machine capable of cleaning up the world including the ever growing electronic waste.

The Light Switch


He’s a bright kind of guy, reminding you to turn the lights off in your home to preserve resources. Adrian is full of energy and determined to keep it that way – just don’t blink or you’ll miss him!

The Bad Guy


There’s always a bad guy to spoil the party, and they don’t come any more loathsome than Anthro. He smells bad, he looks bad, he is bad! Made from trash and waste from humans, he’s on a mission to wreck our forests and mess with Mother Nature. Is there anyone who can stop him in his foulsmelling tracks?!

The Rake with Wings


Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Tooniefly! This colourful rake-shaped plane is able to transport you all over the world with its eco-friendly wings – no carbon footprints here. Take a journey around Planettoon®’s World with this magical toy found inside every kid’s toy box!

The Little Power


Antonia, with her flashy pink shell, is the ultimate ocean hero! She’s all about splashing in the waves, hanging out on beautiful beaches, and showing everyone how to care for the extraordinary coral reefs. Antonia gets super stoked when she’s got buddies helping tidy up the oceans! Ready to dive in and lend a hand?

The Horse


What better way to learn about life on Earth than from a beloved favorite!? Meet Gus, the Secretary General of Planettoon®‘s World Headquarters! He’s passionate about protecting endangered species and habitats, keeping a keen eye on all life forms to ensure their safety. Gus promptly alerts Planettoon® and the team to any imminent dangers, ready to spring into action and lend a helping hoof whenever needed.

The Sink


The sweetest sink you’ll ever encounter! Despite sinks not getting much love these days, Glysed brings so much daily fun to everyone. She’s kind and sensitive, but beware: leaving the water running will make her cry buckets of tears. Let’s keep Glysed happy by being water-wise!

King of the Villains


Never underestimate the old guys! Dioxicarb has been around for longer than any other villain. Lately he’s tried to banish clean air with industrial filth polluting our homes and our world. With his evil purple fumes, he’s the result of high polluting factories where he’s often found lurking.

Who is Planettoon® and who are his friends?

Planettoon® and his friends enthusiastically adventure all over the world. Together with other children, they visit and explore the treasures of our ecosystem and the wonders of our planet.

Planettoon®’s World ignites children’s natural curiosity and encourages them to embrace compassion. It also playfully instructs them how to protect the flora and fauna of the world.

Planettoon® and his friends are a mini-ecosystem of their own, consisting of twenty-one characters, each with its individual, yet collective message.

Characters like Glysed teach the importance of conserving water, while Cody teaches the value of recycling, and Arimoon the urgency of saving endangered species. ON THE OTHER HAND, Dioxicarb, the villain, emphasizes why polluting is a real problem.

Through entertainment, children learn that “Caring is powerful™” and that they all have the greatest power within them to be mindful, brave, bold and big little leaders. It all starts in a small, simple way, day after day; and when they do – something really magical happens!


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